Falling In Love with Rustic

What better time to utilize one’s love of everything rustic yet chic than for fall weddings and other special events.  Fall gives you the feeling of warmth and sun rays picking out of the clouds through the orange and yellow leaves that have begun to change color.  All these warm feelings and rich jewel tones could be transferred into any event that takes place in the fall.  For color palette, we are seeing more jewel tone colors of reds, magenta, with hints of yellows and oranges.  For dinnerware and sitting we recommend adding hues of metallic, such as copper, to give the feeling of chic.  One of the trends that we, at Pure, are absolutely loving are the naked cakes with their unique bare look accentuated with rich jewel tone flowers.  To add more of the fall feeling to the cake we would recommend going with flavors such as pumpkin spice and maple. Rustic almost always coincides with barn like feeling so we love it when our clients incorporate barn doors or rustic doors within their décor. To add a flare to the affair, we recommend that the theme is carried thru from beginning of the save the date stationary until the end of the party with party favors or thank you pictures.  Having hosted numerous rustic theme events here at Pure, we are proud to say that our venue could be transformed into any theme that our clients have in mind.  Book an appointment with us to see our venue and let us help you get your event started on the right foot.