‘Tis the Season of Love

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Who doesn’t love the holidays?  With lights twinkling everywhere, music playing all around, and families coming together it truly is the perfect time for proposals.  We asked some of our brides who got proposed over the holidays to give some insight on this special occasion.   Here is our list of the Do’s and Don’ts:


Pick a date and plan for a whole day event.  Decide when, where, and how to propose to the love of your life.  Knowing your future spouse, make sure she is comfortable being proposed to in front of others or would she rather have it be private and more intimate setting, after all you get to do this once.  The location should be something that is near and dear to both of you as it will be a constant reminder thru out your lives of the start of your journey together.  Pick the right place such as the location of the first date, her favorite place to hang out, her parent’s house with family around, or just the right moment strolling thru the streets.  The how is easy, don’t get too cheesy and emotional but say all that comes from your heart and make sure you get down on one knee.


Once you purchase the ring, you will want to propose but DON’T.  You want to make this just perfect so stick to your original plan.  Don’t panic because the holiday season does bring unexpected events caused by weather, traffic, or just getting sick.  Have a backup plan if something unexpected happens or just go with the flow.  After all the holidays are all about celebrating love and family and what better way than starting a new one.

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